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Our Services

Your Needs Create The Job Description of our Private Caregivers,

They are there for your needs.

 We are committed to doing our best for the clients and our Private Caregivers that we are trusted to work with.    The sole purpose is to be an extra set of hands to help you remain as independent as possible.  We started as a couple Private Caregivers  providing private in-home care.   Through the years of State regulation changes we have recognized a lack of services in specialty areas for seniors and we shifted our company to becoming the matching service to match the needs of our clients with the Private Caregivers services.  We have made it part of our mission to help fill those gaps by developing additional services.  We are here to walk side by side with you on this journey. We offer oversignt to Private Home Care, Care Management with both a Nurse & a Certified Geriatric Care Manager, Hospital/Rehab to Home, Concierge Services, Life Alert/Fall Pendants, Private Caregiver Training Platforms, Long Term Care Insurance Billing Services, and a Family / Caregiver Portal for families that hire private caregivers but want to have a portal for multipe people to access. 

Comforting Hands

Private Home Health

          We Help Your Loved One Have a Better Quality of Life

Adding in home care is not only a big decision, it’s a personal decision.  Trusting someone to come in for hands-on assistance or companionship can also be difficult, so knowing that you have the right team to work with is important.  Beginning with a meet and greet allows us to get to know each other and to discuss the ways in which we can improve your quality of life. 

Being committed to our motto, “Your needs Create Our Job Description” means that we want to assist during the most difficult activities.  This allows our clients to focus their time and energy on what brings them joy.  Our nurse develops a customized care plan with both client and family input, and our Private Caregivers will work with families to add to that care plan as time goes on.   We believe in complete transparency, so we have a portal that allows both clients and families to see the schedule, care plan, daily care notes, and invoices. The portal can also be used for direct communication to our Nurses and Care Managers.

 We offer cares provided by Private Caregivers for patients with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia, ALS, MS, Huntington's,  end of life assistance, decluttering a home, and even packing to move.   Our team of Private Caregivers and Staff work right alongside Skilled Home Health and Hospice companies to respect end of life wishes.

Sample of Services: 

* Assistance in/out of bed * Medication Reminders * Shower assistance * ADLS’s & IADL’s * Cooking Meals * Meal Prep * Transfers * Light Housekeeping * Transportation * Assistance with exercises * Overnight help * Companionship * Sitting at Hospitals * Decluttering *Organizing *Shopping *

Many Long Term Care Insurance companies pay for our services.  

Care Management

A whole person wrap-around support team. 

Care Management means having a team of Care Professionals.  A team of Registered Nurses, Certified Geriatric Care Managers, and Management Staff are all committed to the mindset of surviving is not thriving.   Focusing on medical needs, nutrition, emergency planning, long and short-term goal setting, as well as finding activities that fulfill that desire we all have to continue to contribute to society. 


Clinically speaking, our Care Managers can transport to and from appointments, and attend both social or doctor appointments.  They will listen to your goals and questions and then advocate for the health care goals that are important to you and then work side by side with your physician.   We provide monthly, or even weekly check-ins to ensure medications are being taken as prescribed. Having a personal liaison between physicians, hospitals, and different labs or testing keeps every physician up to date on your medical status.   All of our visits, notes, recommendations, and family communication is kept in a family portal that all family members have access to. 

Socially and legally speaking, our Certified Geriatric Care Managers (CGCM) make sure that you have your Advanced Directives and Power of Attorney's in place.  They complete a very extensive intake to ensure that your final wishes are all written and in place.  They also work with our nurses to complete the circle of care and assist you with community resources, waivers, or additional Medicare / Medicaid services that are available.   We take the time to complete enrollments and make sure the services are started or scheduled, not just provide you with a phone number.   Our CGCM's can assist with maintaining  appointment calendars, setting up transportation options,  assisting with in home care task planning, and these are just a few of the tasks we focus on. 

Care Management is on call 24/7.   Getting to an urgent care or meeting a client in the emergency room,  our team is here to walk right beside you.    This provides family with an extra level of security knowing that someone is with their loved one and able to give immediate reports back to the family.

Success Stories:

A client had struggled with high blood pressure for nearly 3 years.  Our Nurse made an appointment with their physician, and they discussed parameters in which the physician wanted to be notified vs going to the ER.  We enrolled the client on Vital Monitoring so that every time the blood pressure was taken and was outside of what the physician set as acceptable, we were notified.  Calling the physician's office daily for several weeks, they were able to change medications before the follow up that was scheduled a month out.  We are happy to report that this client still has what is considered perfect blood pressure.  Having a nurse work side by side with your physician can make a huge difference. 

We met a sweet lady that was her husband's sole caregiver with no family in town.  During our conversation she mentioned that she was very concerned that if something happened to her; she knew her husband would not be ok.  After a meeting with our Certified Geriatric Care Manager they were able to assist with Power of Attorney's, Advanced Directives, and putting them in touch with an attorney for a Living Will.  During that meeting, they enrolled in and the CHAMPSS program, as well as discussed some additional resources they might want in the future.  This lady called to let us know that she feels like the world has been lifted off her shoulders knowing that if something does happen, we will be notified and we will stay with him until he is able to get moved to the facility she has chosen. 

After getting a call from a long-time friend we scheduled a meeting with her father.  He has Parkinsons and although his hands and balance may slow him down, mentally he is still a very capable man.   When we discussed what he misses most he revealed that he feels like he is just waiting to die and that he no longer has a purpose.  We discussed what he did for a living and what types of things he could do to bring him joy.  It turns out that he loves working with wood and his hands.  We made a post on Facebook asking for people that wanted home made bird houses.  He is now selling birdhouses for $10.00 through his daughter.  He loves getting the new orders and meeting the people that get them.  Giving someone purpose is like giving them a renewed zest for life.

Rehab/Hospital to Home

Setting you up for success after a hospital or rehab stay

An extended stay in the hospital or a rehab facility can present a set of new normals.  Our experience in making this transition successful comes with addressing the details before discharge.  Working with the social workers and the therapy team we can address obstacles and create a plan that will help you feel safe at home.  If you are able to ambulate, we can transport you and your belongings home from the hospital or facility, pick up any new prescriptions, and arrange for DME to be delivered and set up.   Making sure the smaller details like getting your mail restarted, cleaning out and restocking your refrigerator, scheduling and arranging transportation to follow ups, and assisting you through the process of creating your new normal of independence through resources our community has to offer will give you a peace of mind.   Your success at home is our top priority.

Concierge Services 

A Care Portal 

(You do not have to be receiving cares from a KLAH contractor to have access for your private caregiver

Anytime you have a caregiver coming in to care for family members there are always questions that you have about how the family member ate, how they were feeling, and what was done while the caregiver was there.  Our HIPPA complaint portal offers peace of mind when family can't be there.  We over a clock in / out option, assistance in creating a care plan for the caregiver to follow, and a place for all of the caregiver notes to be stored so that all approved family can read those notes. 

Assistance with Long Term Care Insurance & Filing claims. 

(You do not have to be receiving cares from a KLAH contractor) 

We are here to help you through the process of understanding your policy and what it covers, starting a claim, filing claims for private care for you, and handling all of the back and forth phone calls.   Filing  claims can be a complex process, and it is important to have a good understanding of the policy in order to ensure that you receive the benefits that you are entitled to.  If you need assistance with this process, it can be helpful to work with a professional who has experience in this area. They can help you understand your policy, gather the necessary paperwork, and ensure that your claim is filed correctly.

State approved trainings for CNA/CMA's continued eduacation. 

Are you a Private Caregiver that takes care of seniors?  Do you have your CNA/CMA or HHA and need to complete your continuing education for your certificate to be renewed?  Keep Living at Home offers monthly passes to take as many classes as you need during a 30-day period.  We offer a list of the required classes and have more than 500 additional classes available, including Teepa Snows dementia training classes. 

Equipment Donations

THANK YOU to all of you that think of us when you see these hospital beds and lift chairs especially!!! 💜 


If you find that you are cleaning out a garage or basement and you have any of the following items we would love to have them!!!

  • Manual transport wheelchairs

  • Manual wheelchairs

  • Fully electric hospital beds

  • Seat life recliners

  • Trapeze for a hospital bed

  • Power Wheelchairs (must have batteries and work)

  • Commodes

(We will always take almost any medical items, but these are the most requested!)  

What do we do with the equipment? 

Everything that we accept in donation is always FREE and given without questions to anyone that contacts us in need. 

We also help our EMS responders!  Our emergency services personnel see more need than most will ever know.  They also go above and beyond making multiple daily visits to clients with broken beds or chairs.  Your donated equipment is stored in a storage unit that they have access to 24/7 when the need arises.   This is sometimes the difference in being able to stay home or being transported to a hospital. 




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