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We Help Your Loved One Have a Better Quality of Life

We understand that tending to your loved one isn't possible at all times. This is where Keep Living At Home comes in. We have a complete set of services that will cater to your needs.  We are here when you need to start care through the end of life.  We offer Private Duty Services, Care Management Services, Vital Monitoring, Hospital/Rehab to Home, and Concierge Services for those that don't need any physical assistance.   We look forward to walking with you on this journey. 

Comforting Hands

Private Home Health

We Help Your Loved One Have a Better Quality of Life

We understand that tending to your loved one isn't possible at all times. This is where Keep Living At Home comes in. We have a complete set of services that will cater to all the everyday needs of your loved one.   We want to help with the toughest parts of your day and make them easier.  We will love your family member like they are our own.  We specialize in cares for patients with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia, ALS, MS, Huntington's, and end of life assistance.  Our team works right alongside of Skilled Home Health and Hospice companies. 

Care Management

Care Program Catered to Individual Patients

 We have two Certified Geriatric Care Managers.   Morgan and Michele.  They both have a lot of experience in working with our seniors.  Morgan graduated from Kansas State University.  She has experience both as a CNA in the field and being the Administrator of a Long Term Care facility.  Michele graduated from National Louis University and has worked with seniors in our area for over 15 years in both Long Term Care facility and in the agency on aging.   Our team works together with input from our nursing staff to discuss each situation individually to make sure that every client has a unique and individualized care plan with goals and tasks for their needs. 


 A personal Care Manager would mean having someone to call when the next emergency happens, someone to meet your family member at the hospital, someone to help with all the pieces of bringing them home, someone to guide you through each level of changes someone to do an in-person weekly or monthly check in, attend doctor appointments and provide updates and answers to questions you may have, schedule transportation, assist with groceries getting delivered, assistance with monthly calendars and bill paying, connecting and enrolling in resources, keeping all of your physicians up to date as your other appointments happen.  We provide a care plan complete with a family portal for the family to see and read.  Every phone call, appointment, visit, etc is documented in live time for family to see so that we can all work together.  We can also work alone if someone doesn't have other supports.  This can be a one-time consultation or an ongoing service.  We are here to provide you more information in making the best decisions for you or your family member

Rehab/Hospital to Home

Hospital / Rehab to Home

Coming home after an extended stay in the hospital or a rehab facility can present a new normal that sometimes takes an adjustment. We will come to you in the hospital or facility and take care of all of the details of bringing you home.  We can arrange for medical equipment to be delivered and set up, medications being picked up from the pharmacy and pill boxes set up, making sure you have groceries, your mail restarted, all follow ups scheduled and transportation arranged, and a calendar with all of your upcoming home health visits as well as assisting with setting up any private duty care that you may need.  Your safe transition home is important to your healing.

Vital Monitoring

Vital Monitoring

Vital Monitoring is a unique software that allows you to monitor vital signs and at the same time have them sent to your family or physician.   Vital Monitoring comes with two or three monitoring devices.  Each device is linked to a tablet that automatically records each vital the moment it is taken.  The tablet is set up specifically for you and anytime a blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, blood sugar or weight is out of range, your family member or Care Manager will receive a text message. You can set parameters that even remind you when you need to take vital-based medications. For example - an extra blood pressure medication if your blood pressure reaches a certain threshold. It will also notify family when no vitals have been taken. The tablet also includes medication reminders, video calls, news, and mind games.  The tablet is part or your kit and comes with its own Wi-Fi.   


Concierge Services

There are many times that we (people of all ages) need some extra help that doesn’t require a caregiver to do it. We have received many requests for one-time services or on-going help for people that don’t require any hands-on care, more of just an extra set of hands or transportation when you are unable to drive. 

Our Concierge Services offer exactly that! We have a variety of things that we can do to help you. We can set up weekly shifts, or a one-time service. These services are currently only offered Monday-Friday and you must call to schedule them.