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Welcome to Keep Living at Home!


I want to tell you who we are.

Keep Living at Home is a locally owned Private Duty Home Healthcare Agency.  We are not nationwide, and we are not corporate care.   I started Keep Living at Home after working with an amazing (now retired) neurologist Dr. Paul Morte.  I would give him the credit for the success of our business.  He inspired me to always do better and to take care of those we are trusted to care for.  We are Class A state licensed agency that specializes in matching Private Caregivers for your Private duty care.  This means that when you need cares that Medicare and health insurance won't cover, our Private Caregivers are able to step in.   We do offer the option of submitting to your Long Term Care Insurance. 

Our first client was in 2012.  When KDHE regulations changed and required non-skilled agencies to become licensed we opted for the Class A Home Health Agency License so that we could continue to offer the Private Caregivers as well as employed Administrator and Nurses.     In addition to staffing for the Private Duty In home care provided by the Private Caregivers,  we also offer Care Management/Nurse Navigation Services, A Hospital and Rehab to Home Program, Concierge Services, Vital Monitoring, and a Life Alert System.   

Giving back to our community is very important to us.   We started an equipment donation program after a call from Douglas County Fire and Medical Division Chief Kevin Joles. He was asking if we had any resources for a seat lift chair for someone that was stuck in her chair.  We went to Facebook and within 24 hours we had one for the firefighters to deliver to their patient.  The Lawrence community is just so giving and helpful.   It was one of those “feel good” moments for everyone.  We all need that right now.  Today we have a storage unit full of a variety of equipment that we will pass on to anyone in need.

WHAT’S NEW WITH US:   Our newest exciting service is our Care Management.  This is something that I have seen a huge need for in the last 3-4 years.  In early 2021 I really started looking for the right people to add to our team.   We have a team of 6.  Each of us bring our own specialty for collaboration within our team and with physicians.  I bring the experience of working in a physician’s office and know what makes their job easier as well as the private duty home health experience.  I can help a client determine how, when, how long, and what is needed for private duty cares.  I will always try to have us take on the hardest parts, allowing family to continue with what brings them joy.   Rebecka is our RN and brings the experience of nursing in hospitals, physician offices, nursing home, and private duty home health.  Morgan is our Certified Geriatric Care Manager.  Morgan brings the experience as a CNA, working in long term care facilities as well as 4 years as an Administrator of a communities with Independent Living, Assisted Living, as well as Skilled and Long-Term Care.  All of us share the same passion for our seniors.  Each case gets all of us on your team.

Care Management is a place to begin when you don’t know where to start.  Our team will fully support you in taking care of your loved one.  We take the time to get to know our clients and family so that we can best help them and advocate for what their wishes are and teach them to advocate for themselves.  By working together, we are able to see areas where we can improve our client’s situation. We offer one-time visits or ongoing services depending on your needs.  

An example of a benefit to having the same Care Manager attend a doctor’s appointment with a client is that they relay all medication changes, have portal access to all other medical records that may not have been sent back to the referring doctor as well as communicate upcoming appointments which allows your primary care doctor to order additional labs or tests in advance that may be beneficial to the specialist so they have the full picture of your health before your visit. 

Each case is personal but some examples of what we do include:  assistance during appointments, transportation to/from appointments, vital monitoring, care plan updates, home safety assessments, bill paying, making visits and advocating for family members that are in a facility, goal setting, assisting is setting up additional services or connecting with resources and providing both the family physicians with updates. 

The Private Caregivers that come to your home are some of the best in the industry.  The scope of experience varies from 20 years of caregiveing in on

Every client has a portal.  Documented in the portal is every phone call that has been made and what we discussed, office visits and notes from that visit, schedules of our meetings and physician appointments, and care plans available for everyone involved in the care.  It also allows a place for families to message back and forth in our family room and allows everyone to keep all of the communication in the same place.

OUR WHY:  It doesn’t take long in a google search to see that our seniors are often overlooked.  This affects me, we are all getting older.  I’m a guardian to a local man that didn’t have anyone to advocate for him.   Our goal when we see an area of need for our seniors will always be to try and figure out how we can fill that void and how we can do it so that it benefits everyone involved.  Physicians can only help when they know the whole story, with our updates they have the whole story.  Hospitals have readmissions that can be avoided by having systems in place, medications being taken as prescribed, and a team working together.  Our Seniors benefit from all of us working together.  The bonus for us is that we get to sit at the feet of these amazing people and hear their life stories.


 We currently offer these services Lawrence, Clay Center, Manhattan and the areas surrounding.  If you have someone outside of our service areas please call us, we will still try and figure out a way to help you.

Please look around our website and know that we are here to help.  


Lisa Chamberlain

Our Services ~
All of our staff and contracted positions undergo multiple background and reference checks.

Trust your Loves One's to Our Experts


  • Private Home Health Services ~ Private Caregivers provide these services

  • Geriatric Care Management / Nurse Care Manager ~ KLAH Nursing/Geriatric staff provide these services

  • Specialty Care ~ Private Caregivers offer their services based on their specialty of cares

  • Hospital / Rehab to Home ~ KLAH CNA Staff provide these services

  • Vital Monitoring ~ This is a 3rd party service that we help you through the enrollment process with

  • Concierge Services ~ These are provided by Private Caregivers

Great Care Starts with You!
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