A Walk in Park

Our Medical Equipment Donation Program

THANK YOU to all of you that think of us when you see these hospital beds and lift chairs especially!!! 💜 


If you find that you are cleaning out a garage or basement and you have any of the following items we would love to have them!!!

  • Manual transport wheelchairs

  • Manual wheelchairs

  • Fully electric hospital beds

  • Seat life recliners

  • Trapeze for a hospital bed

  • Power Wheelchairs (must have batteries and work)

  • Commodes

(We will always take almost any medical items, but these are the most requested!)  

What Do We Do With These Items?

There are many times that our EMS responders go to a call where the people have equipment that has broke or they have a new need for something but haven’t been able to get it. These sometimes require our paramedics to make multiple visits to a person when a simple piece of equipment could provide them exactly what they need to stay home and be independent.


We have a storage unit that we keep items in - and then we have access to these items whenever the need arises, even on holidays or weekends. Sometimes we will purchase items that we need the most, but we will never charge to donate them.


Seniors and people with physical limitations are our passion. So even if you aren’t requiring EMS - you are still welcome to reach out for anything we have! We will gladly help anytime we can!