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Welcome to our updated RESOURCE and FAQ page.   This page is new for Keep Living at Home, so check back over the next month for additonal information that we find very useful as you are starting the journey to find in home care for yourself or a family member.   If the link is blue and underlined you can click for more information, and if it is black it is coming soon. 

Interview Questions for Private Duty
A list of services most Private Duty companies offer. 

Frequently asked questions

We have a private caregiver, can we still use your family/caregiver portal?

Yes!  Our family / caregiver portal is created by the family for their private caregiver to have a place to clock in and out, see tasks the family would like to have done, and update notes that all family members can see in one place. 

I'm a private caregiver but need to get my continuing education training, can I get that through Keep Living at Home? 

Yes!  We can enroll you in our online training program for state accredited trainings either by the month, or give you a month pass so that you can complete all of your trainings for the year in one month.   We will email you the transcript of what you complete. 

Our family has a private caregiver but we also have Long Term Care Insurance, does Keep Living at Home offer a service that bills our Long Term Care Insurance? 

Yes!  We will bill bi-monthly and ensure that we have all of the appropriate information before we submit the claim. 

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